Challenging Christianity Podcast

Our Mission

Do you consider yourself spiritual but non-religious? Agnostic? Or maybe you grew up in a church but don’t believe what you were taught there anymore? Challenging Christianity exists in that space between being all-for or all-against religion. Join us in asking questions that challenge current notions of Christianity.

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Meet the Host

Rebecca Kinnestrand was raised Roman Catholic and spent inordinate amounts of time feeling out of place in beautiful cathedrals. She then embarked on a long spiritual journey that took her to over 20 countries and 6 continents. She has chanted with monks, prayed in grottos, watched Candomblé dance, seen voodoo deities, met channeled beings on mountaintops, read tarot cards and astrology charts, and had many other strange and wonderful experiences related to the nature of the spirit. Her current passion is biblical theology and the challenge of conveying its essence to the spiritual non-religious and other people of The Way.